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home builder west bloomfieldIf you are looking for the right Custom Home Builder in West Bloomfield, Michigan or surrounding areas, look no further! Mazza Building & Development Company provides top quality and experienced Custom Home Building in West Bloomfield, Michigan and nearby cities.

Why Hire a Custom Home Builder?

Instead of managing the building of your new home, you may consider hiring a home builder. The purpose of build-my-own-home.com is to serve as a consumer awareness web site for you, whether you are your own home builder or end up hiring one. We give advice for looking over the work of others, knowing what to expect, and understanding what you see during the building process. All these are essential, regardless of whether you or someone else serves as the home builder. Here are some tips to help you make the builder decision.

Why would I want to pay a custom home builder to manage the building of my home, instead of doing it myself?

You might decide that you don’t have the experience or time to adequately manage the pricing, legwork for approvals and permits, buying materials, hiring subcontractors, keeping the house and job site clean, and scheduling for your new home building project. A lot of time and money are involved in building a house, and a good home builder earns his pay.

Finding subcontractors, or “subs,” who are honest and dependable, and who strive to do excellent work, can be a most difficult task. When we started building houses, we spent a lot of time researching subs through friends and supply houses. We also snooped around job sites of good home builders who had the best reputations, to see which subs they used. That really helped us to identify good quality subs.

Good subs may also be picky or cautious about working for homeowners, especially if they have plenty of work. Several of our subs have told us stories about working on new houses for homeowners who were managing the project themselves, that turned out to be really tough due to indecision, poor coordination between trades, lack of scheduling, and slow payment. Some avoid working for homeowners, and will only work for licensed builders who are “in the business.”

The question of hiring a home builder is all up to you, as to what you want to do, and what you believe you can do on your own. source: build-my-own-home.com

Are you looking for an experienced Custom Home Builder in West Bloomfield, Michigan or nearby areas? If so, call the expert West Bloomfield MI Custom Home Builders at Mazza Building & Development Company (248) 625-3305 to get started on  your dream home!

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The Importance of Going Green

Mazza Building & Development Company has experience in building custom homes in West Bloomfield, Michigan and surrounding areas. If you are thinking about building a custom home, call (248) 625-3305!

custom home builder bloomfield hills miWe hear it all the time: going green, being eco-friendly, and doing our part to save the environment, but how does being eco-friendly relate to home building? You don’t have to build a house with a bamboo roof to “go green.” There are plenty of ways to go green when building a home, and here are some ways to cut costs, and our part in saving the environment.

Why Build an Eco-Friendly Home?

Green buildings use less energy, water, create less waste, and are generally healthier than standard buildings. Environmentally friendly building designs often reflect the surrounding environment and natural resources, and utilize renewable building materials. Contractors of green buildings incorporate techniques that use resources more efficiently during the entire building cycle—construction, renovation, operation, and maintenance —than builders of conventional structures. In short, green buildings minimize human impact on the environment, while also slashing energy costs for homeowners. Green homes generally:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Cut down on energy consumption

Sustainable homes start with excellent green design and green architecture. Careful site selection is important to minimize environmental damage. For example, placing a structure in an area that allows it to take advantage of cool breezes and sunlight can reduce energy use and expenses. A good home developer will be able to help point you pick a site and discuss the advantages of an eco-friendly home.

How to Build an Environmentally Friendly Home

For those home buyers that want an eco-friendly home in If you are thinking about building a custom home, call (248) 625-3305!, Michigan, Mazza Building and Development can help. Usually, the cost of constructing green buildings is 15-20% more than that of regular structures, but they help save nearly 30% more energy and can save you up to 50% in water consumption annually. Good developers will be aware of ways to help reduce costs. For instance, wet areas in the house, such as kitchen and bathroom, should be close to each other to reduce plumbing and consumption of hot water. Diminishing the cost of your West Bloomfield home while also cutting energy costs is a top priority for us. source: http://www.infoplease.com/, http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/

If you are thinking about building a custom home in West Bloomfield, MI, call (248) 625-3305!


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custom homes west bloomfield miMazza Building & Development Company is the top rated West Bloomfield MI custom home builder. Our qualified team will provide you with the custom home of your dreams. Call (248) 625-3305 for more information.

A Custom Home Has Many Benefits:

Everybody has the option of buying a foreclosed house or a brand new one. But people are usually drawn to houses that are newly built. In other words, the inclination of choosing a brand new home for your family is high.

Buyers of new home want to decide on the simple things like floor planning, paint colors, design and layout. This chance of decision-making is possible with Calgary luxury home builders. Home buyers are now capable of choosing the design that is pleasant for everyone.

But home builders say that getting a new home will give you better perks. It may not be directly obvious but eventually you will take notice of these reasons during your stay.

  1. Moving into a new home gives you the chance to build new friendships. Usually subdivisions have this meet-and-greet with the new neighborhood. This is of course to familiarize you with other people in the community. You can meet in the popular amenities like courts and pools. Later on you can have sports event that will bring together members of the community young and retirees alike.
  2. You have a venue for entertainment. At this present time, home builders usually take note of giving your community a spacious area that will be used as a venue for future events. You will not usually consider this reason when you’re still trying to figure out where to buy a new home but as you continue it will become obvious that having a spacious place is actually good for everybody in your neighborhood.
  3. It’s clean all the way. Being the first owner somehow gives you the benefit of having to park your car in a clean garage. Obviously, you will not go through the hardship of taking out wallpapers in your room. In addition, you also have all the luxury to use your newly built kitchen.
  4. There are many electric outlets everywhere. It’s self-explanatory. Having seen an old home, new houses today really have a good layout on having outlets everywhere. Home builders often take note of this during layout presentations. It’s always good to have outlets anywhere inside the house.

Living in your own home is the best way to secure your family. It needs effort and money. But it absolutely feels good once you’ve reached that goal of getting your new home. source: customhomebuilderinfo.wordpress.com

Are you in need of a Custom Home in West Bloomfield MI or surrounding areas? If so, let Mazza Building & Development company build the custom home of your dreams in West Bloomfield MI. Call (248) 625-3305 for more information today.

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home builder west bloomfield miAre you looking for a custom home developer in West Bloomfield MI or nearby areas? If so, call the top rated West Bloomfield MI custom home developer – Mazza Building & Development Company at (248) 625-3305 today!

Select Customized Housing Style

There may be a wealth of home design tips and ideas to consider, but not all are compatible. So keep focused when making customized housing design choices. Opt for one style. For instance, typical mansion, contemporary, southwestern, urban chic, Tuscan villa, French revival, Hollywood vogue, sophisticated, globally exotic, tranquil retreat, or simply comfortable. When harvesting custom home design tips and ideas, keep to one selected style, whether for a single room, select areas of your luxury custom home, or for the entire customized housing design. While new home floor plan trends include mixed styles throughout the house, one design per area will make luxury custom home design more harmonious.

Energy Efficient Home Design Tips and Ideas

When contemplating West Bloomfield MI custom home design tips, be prudent. Invest in cost effective building solutions; energy efficient home design features like high-insulation products. Protective custom home construction shell materials, structural insulating panels, insulating concrete forms, and between wall foam insulation. Keeping heat and cold extremes outside, conditioned air inside; conserving energy and reducing utility bills. Homeowners who choose eco-friendly cost effective building solutions enjoy a better quality of life in their homes. With the peace of mind that environmentally responsible custom home development decisions were made. Ask energy efficient home design contractors and NAHB green building professionals for other cost effective building solutions and innovative custom home design tips. For an energy-saving eco custom home, and more resource conscious, and cost-efficient lifestyle.
source: trustedpros.com

If you would like to hire a professional custom home developer in West Bloomfield MI and surrounding areas, call the experienced team at Mazza Building & Development Company (248) 625-3305 today.

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custom home builder west bloomfield miMazza Building & Development Company provides top rated custom home building in West Bloomfield, MI and surrounding areas. Call the custom home builders you can trust at (248) 625-3305.

Selecting a new home is a big decision—and it can be difficult to find the home of your dreams with a production builder because all they offer are their set, standard layouts.

What Are the Benefits of Building a Custom Home?

There are many benefits of building a custom home, including:

  • Customization – of course, one of the main benefits of custom homes is the level of customization allowed to you. You can do more than just choose cabinets and flooring—with a custom home builder, you can start with one of our artfully crafted floorplans and alter it to your liking or you can start from the ground up.
  • Quality – when you build a custom home, you know that each and every detail is considered and the best option is always selected. Your home will be full of quality craftsmanship, materials, and designs—and you’ll have a home you can love and enjoy for many years to come.
  • Style – custom homes have distinct and beautiful styles—and the greatest part is, it can be uniquely yours. There are no limitations on what your home can look like.

Design Your Custom Home Today

The benefits of building a custom home are going to be different for each and every person because for some, there’s nothing more important than a theater room that is perfectly designed for sound amplification, and for others, they need to have a spa getaway in their master bathroom. source: sekashomes.com

If you are ready to hire an experienced West Bloomfield MI custom home builder, contact Mazza Building & Development Company at (248) 625-3305 today!

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4 Reasons to Hire a Home Builder

custom home builder west bloomfield miMazza Building & Development Company has experience in building custom homes in West Bloomfield, Michigan and surrounding areas. If you are thinking about building a custom home, call (248) 625-3305!

1. Expertise

A skilled custom home builder will know about the newest building materials that you may or may not be familiar with, and they can help you make decisions that will help you avoid costly mistakes. While building a custom home, the decisions you make are final, and the builder will proceed based on these choices. Therefore, it is important to hire a builder because a competent builder will have a process that minimizes building challenges, and they will be able to offer solutions when they do arise.

2. Save Time

Unless you know about the building codes in your area, hiring a builder is a good idea. It’s crucial to have someone on your team who understands current building code requirements. Incomplete or poorly written documents can delay your construction. Hiring a designer will help ensure that your project meets relevant codes so building can progress without interruption.

3. Good Advice

A good home designer can guide you through the process of building a custom home so you can feel confident and secure in your purchase decision. There are plenty of potential homeowners who receive bad advice only to find out later that their building project is does not meet their standards. Sometimes these disasters lead to lawsuits, and/or a half completed home. A competent builder will explain the home building process and all the steps along the way.

4. Stay On Budget

It is a good idea to hire your builder early in the design process so that they can help monitor and control the cost of the project. In the early stages of design, you and your builder can negotiate how the builder will be compensated up front which will help you decide how much money to budget for your custom home. Furthermore, A good builder will always be wary of your budget. They can suggest ways to cut costs, and advise you about areas where you should spend a little more money.

sources: houzz.com