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Luxury Custom Home Design Basics

Sifting through the latest luxury custom home floor plan trends can be a little overwhelming. There are so many options, and so many new home floor plan trends from which to select. But are all the luxury custom home design ideas being considered compatible with you and your life? Do they suit your purposes; are they practical for your needs?

When deciding on kitchen design, for instance, ask yourself questions like, What will the main purpose of the kitchen be; meal preparation, dining, family gathering, entertaining, work (bill paying, correspondence, homework, computer use, hobbies)?

Stay focused on those new home floor plan trends and custom home design tips and ideas that best suit you, your lifestyle, and your needs. Resist the temptation to snatch up custom home design tips just because they are innovative or represent the latest building trends. Before adding items to your custom home design tips and ideas list, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will I be spending a lot of time inside the house?
  • Will I be spending a lot of time outside in the yard?
  • Will I be raising a family in this house?
  • Will I be entertaining frequently in this house?
  • Will I be working out of the home at some point?
  • Will this be a life-time unique custom home? Note: a life-time home should be designed to easily adapt to the homeowner’s future needs. (I.e. as the homeowner ages and/or experiences physical limitations.)

Think beyond the present; consider how you will be using the home down the road. A lot will depend on where you are in life, and what your future brings. Designer home builders tip: it is prudent to include an extra room in your luxury custom home plans. This allows room for future growth, even if you don’t see a present need for additional space. The latest building trends include basements and lofts, which can be finished off at a later time. Providing space for a recreational room, home office, play room for children, or workout studio. Other new home floor trends include an extra bedroom that can later be transformed into a library, relaxing spa, hobby room, or home theater.

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