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Top Ten Reasons to Build a New Home

It’s NEW!

No one else has ever lived in it before, so everything is clean and brand new. Be the first to soak in your luxurious tub or cook in your new stainless steel oven. No need to worry about expensive repairs or replacements of out-of-date, damaged or worn materials.

Contemporary Floor Plans

Designs evolve. Old, obsolete homes may not address the way people live today. New homes have floor plans designed to facilitate interaction with family and friends. Take advantage of state-of-the-art kitchens, bathrooms with double vanities, ample storage space, and large family rooms open to the kitchen, features which often are lacking in used housing.

Customize Your Home

Build your home to order. You help design your own living environment, just the way you want it. Personalize your home by selecting your own colors, finishes, cabinetry, flooring and features

Quality Built By Someone You Can Trust

You can check out a builder’s reputation before choosing to work with him/her. Develop a personal relationship with the professional responsible for building your home. Become part of the team that will create your future residence.

Safer And Healthier

Wiring systems are up-to-date. Hazardous materials, such as asbestos, formaldehyde and lead, have been eliminated from new home building products. New homes must conform with the newest and safest building codes and regulations.

Energy Efficient & Technologically Current

Energy efficient windows. Better insulation technologies. Better control of air infiltration, resulting in healthier indoor air quality. Modern heating & cooling system. Latest appliances and features. Take full advantage of the latest communication, security, home office and entertainment technologies. New homes accommodate electrical needs that didn’t exist just a few, short years ago.

Less Expensive To Maintain

Home comes with warranties you don’t receive when buying a used home, including direct manufacturers’ warranties on new appliances, products and systems. No old parts or appliances to fix. Monthly operating costs are less due to improved technologies. This can mean big savings on utility bills. New building products are more durable and require less maintenance. Frequently, the money saved on a used home is quickly offset by lower maintenance and efficiency costs.

Neighborhood Bonds

Make friends quickly. Everyone in your new neighborhood just moved in, so it’s easy to establish new and lasting friendships.


Pride in the ownership of your new home, one you helped design and which expresses your lifestyle and taste.

Financial Advantages

Build home equity. Roll the cost of upgrades into your mortgage and pay over time. When renovating a used home, you need to pay cash, or take out a home improvement loan at a higher interest rate. Newer homes usually have a higher resale value.

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