Your Home Building Checklist

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custom home builder oakland miThe fact is that things aren’t going to fall into place. Building a home takes time. Home buyers that are serious about building a custom home need to follow the right steps to creating their dream home. You certainly wouldn’t want to start on the building plans before you select a lot.  But just what are the essential steps to creating the home of your dreams?

One way to make sure that you’re following the right steps to create the home of your dreams is to make a checklist. A checklist will help organize the steps to making the perfect home in Oakland Township, Michigan. Here are some items that should definitely be on any custom home buyer’s checklist.

1. Select a Lot

Be sure to find a lot that is suitable for the type of home you intend to build. It is a good idea to inspect the property to know exactly what you are buying and know that the land is suitable for a well and/or septic system or has access to public utility taps.

2. Draft Preliminary Home Plans

Making a rough sketch of your dream home will help you to visualize exactly what you want out of your custom home. With Mazza Building & Development, we will go over the details and make sure that you will be satisfied with your custom home.

3. Decide The Style of the Home

Before construction, the buyer has to think about what kind of home they want to build. Will it be a modern home or a rustic home? The architectural style of the home will needed to be decided before building.

4. Begin Construction

Believe it or not, the actual construction of a home is the final item involved in home construction, and actually occurs relatively late in the process. With Mazza Building & Development, we are committed to building a home that you will fall in love with.