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Those in the market to purchase a home have many decisions to make — from location, style, and amenities to the realtor and types of financing. One other important decision to consider is whether to purchase an existing, pre-owned home or to build a new, custom home. There are many benefits to purchasing a new home or building your custom home over purchasing an existing property.

Building a New Home Offers Customization — Build Your Dream Home

Call them quirks, character, or just annoying — in an existing home and you are almost certain to discover issues that you must learn to accept and tolerate. Perhaps there aren’t enough outlets in the room you want to use for a home office. Maybe the kitchen cabinets don’t include enough drawers or you hate the knobs. Renovations can be costly and inconvenient.

With new construction, you have options, from the initial floor plan and personalized choices along the way to the finishing details. How many bathrooms? Where will they be located? What finish do you want on the cabinets? Wood stair rails or iron? You may even be able to choose the lot in the division that you like best. With existing properties, you spend your first several weeks (or months) changing things to suit your preferences. With new construction, you instead spend your time getting settled into your new home.

Building a New Home Saves Time and Money on Maintenance and Repairs

When you move into a custom built home, everything is new — the construction, the HVAC system, the wiring, the appliances — everything. When you purchase an existing property, even the most thorough inspection can’t possibly identify every potential problem. Some serious issues may not present until after you move in. When you remodel the kitchen, you may uncover unidentified mold or plumbing issues that are not only inconvenient, but potentially costly to repair.

New construction uses materials that are engineered to require less maintenance. For instance, composite materials typically used on the exterior of new construction are less likely to rot or require painting than wood trim and siding commonly used even a decade ago. Buyers are further assured by the warranties that come with new construction. The builder will typically cover any needed repairs needed for at least the first year.

Building a New Home Offers the Conveniences of Modern Technology

New homes are designed and built to take advantage of all the modern conveniences. Homes built decades ago were not wired or equipped to accommodate home theater systems and Internet-connected families of today. Wiring wasn’t structured for security systems and sophisticated lighting plans. In older homes, even mounting a flat-screen television may require retrofitting and costly running of cable and wires by professionals. Builders in the 1950’s and 1960’s couldn’t have anticipated all of the electrical devices used in households today — DVR’s, gaming consoles, computers, and more. New homes are designed for today’s technology. Modern features like programmable thermostats — even those that can be controlled with an app on your mobile device — are becoming standard.

Building a New Home Saves Energy (and Money)

New home builders are required to meet the latest efficiency standards. Homes that meet building codes are much more efficient than homes built even a few years ago. More energy efficiency is realized in new HVAC systems and modern appliances and water-conserving plumbing fixtures.

Building a New Home Gains You the Edge in Negotiations

Homeowners who have a personal connection to the property they are selling can be blinded to its true value by emotional attachment. This can lead to overpriced property and less willingness to negotiate over defects discovered in a property inspection. For property builders, the sell of a property is more of a business transaction and less affected by emotional connection to a property.

When buying a pre-owned home, a buyer is sometimes subject to the needs and demands of the seller related to closing dates and possession. With a new home, such negotiations are far less personal and less dependent on other closings and finance approvals. Sometimes a buyer may even choose from finished, readily available homes in the builder’s inventory.

Building a New Home May Get You Special Financing Options and Incentives

Because of the volume of business they bring, new home builders have strong relationships with financing companies — some builders even have their own mortgage companies. Builders can offer perks in forms other than financial incentives, such as upgraded materials or features. Buyers may benefit from special discounts that builders are able to offer, such as military discounts, or discounts offered on the first few lots sold in a new development.

Before You Buy, Carefully Consider the Benefits of Building a New Home

Perhaps the biggest benefit of building a new custom home is that you get what you want. While this feature is pretty obvious to most homebuyers, there are many more benefits beyond customization that can make building a new home a more practical and economical choice than purchasing a pre-owned home. source:

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