How to Fulfill Your Fantasy With a Custom Home

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How to Fulfill Your Fantasy With a Custom Home

If you dreamed as a child of someday owning a home with your own dance studio and ballet barre, or a personal game room with a Skee-Ball machine alongside an indoor putting green, then a custom home may be your best option to making that dream come true.

While buying a home fulfills a big part of the American Dream, building a home to your specifications elevates the experience. Before you begin to make decisions about your future home, you will need to spend significant time learning about the custom-home building process.

Organize Your Financing

Building a custom home in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan isn’t necessarily more expensive than buying a newly built or existing home since it’s possible to build a small custom home, but sourcing all materials on an individual basis rather than in bulk can raise the price above production homes. The important thing to understand is that your decisions about the land you buy, and the design and quality of construction you choose will impact the final price.

Financing a custom home requires a construction loan, something not all lenders offer. If you don’t already own land, you will have to finance the land purchase and then the construction. Often you will have two closings, each incurring settlement fees.

Since building a custom home is considered risky by lenders, you typically need excellent credit and a down payment of at least 20% to 25% to qualify for a construction loan. In addition, lenders typically require more cash reserves for borrowers who are building a custom home to ensure that they have funds in place for any glitches that extend the construction period.

Make sure you check into appropriate insurance, too, during the construction period.

Start With Land and a Plan

If you already own land, you should meet with potential builders and architects at the site so you can discuss potential issues and plans. If you don’t own land, some builders can help you find a site or they can direct you to a REALTOR® who can help. It’s essential that your home design and land plan match: You wouldn’t want to design a residence and then find that the site you’ve purchased can’t accommodate it.

Your builder should walk the property with you and determine how much preconstruction work is required, such as the placement of utilities, a septic system and a driveway.

Consider the Neighborhood

Most people who build a Bloomfield Hills, Michigan custom home believe they will never sell it, but eventually you may want to move to a different area or even build another custom home. It’s always wise to consider resale value when building a home. In particular, you want to match the price range and general size of your custom home to others in the neighborhood so that your house doesn’t stand out as oversized or overpriced.

Avoid Delays and Cost Overruns

Planning your home from the foundation to the roof and every single item in between can save you time and money when you are building a custom home. Your decisions about every detail in your home should be made before construction begins so you can reduce the possibility that materials won’t be available when needed, or that you will need to rip out things already built to accommodate a change order.

Good planning and hiring a good team can make the custom-home experience as easy as dreaming.

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4 Reasons to Hire a Home Builder

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1. Expertise

A skilled custom home builder will know about the newest building materials that you may or may not be familiar with, and they can help you make decisions that will help you avoid costly mistakes. While building a custom home, the decisions you make are final, and the builder will proceed based on these choices. Therefore, it is important to hire a builder because a competent builder will have a process that minimizes building challenges, and they will be able to offer solutions when they do arise.

2. Save Time

Unless you know about the building codes in your area, hiring a builder is a good idea. It’s crucial to have someone on your team who understands current building code requirements. Incomplete or poorly written documents can delay your construction. Hiring a designer will help ensure that your project meets relevant codes so building can progress without interruption.

3. Good Advice

A good home designer can guide you through the process of building a custom home so you can feel confident and secure in your purchase decision. There are plenty of potential homeowners who receive bad advice only to find out later that their building project is does not meet their standards. Sometimes these disasters lead to lawsuits, and/or a half completed home. A competent builder will explain the home building process and all the steps along the way.

4. Stay On Budget

It is a good idea to hire your builder early in the design process so that they can help monitor and control the cost of the project. In the early stages of design, you and your builder can negotiate how the builder will be compensated up front which will help you decide how much money to budget for your custom home. Furthermore, A good builder will always be wary of your budget. They can suggest ways to cut costs, and advise you about areas where you should spend a little more money.


Custom Home Builder Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

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The Benefits of Hiring Custom Home Builders for Your New Custom Home in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan:

1. Some families feel satisfied with buying an existing home and know they can undergo future renovations to make some minor changes to the house. However, some families prefer to build their own house from the ground up. These families turn to custom home builders to get a truly unique house. Building a custom home offers you many benefits that an existing home cannot. With a custom home, you will have the freedom to create a special living space for you and your family.

2. The Right Size for Your Family.    A custom home offers you the opportunity to select a house that truly fits your family and your tastes. If you have children, you can easily choose to create a house with a separate bedroom and bathroom for each child. You can also choose a particular layout that best suits your family. If you want to have all of your children live in the basement, your home builder can make that happen.If you have an elderly parent living with you, you can opt for a mother-in-law apartment built directly nextto the house.

3. Choose Your Materials.   If youre involved in building your own home,you can ask your custom home builder to use certain materials. Today, many new homeowners choose to keep costs down in their pocketbook and help the environment by using eco-friendly materials. Your builder can also utilize solar panelsto make your home more energy-efficient. Solar panels and other modifications can help you save money on energy costs later.

4. Special Features.   If you have particular requirements for yourhouse, a custom home builder can help. For example, if you work from home, you probably need a private home office away from the noise ofthe other rooms. You can include this special space in your home plans. Its easier to build these custom spaces directly into a new home instead of renovating an existing home to fit your needs.

5. Many people with custom homes include other interesting and unique features in their homes, including huge decks, home theaters with expansive seating, and even a basement basketball court. Your imagination is the only limit to the rooms you can include in your custom home.

6. The Small Details.   Many homeowners who purchase existing homes find small faults with their new home. They may hate the sink fixtures, ceiling color or anynumber of other small things. If you choose to buya custom home, you will be happy with your colorand fixture choices from the beginning. As the homeowner of a custom home, its up to you to choose the flooring, tiles, kitchen cabinets and more.

7. Personal Satisfaction.   When the construction team finishes your brandnew custom home, you will know your home reflects your personal choices and tastes. Choosing to go down the path to a custom home is fraught with difficult decisions and stress, but your satisfaction will make it worth the trouble. Yourcustom home will reflect exactly what you and your family want in a house.

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5 Things to Consider When Building a Custom Home

custom home builder blomfield hillsLooking for a custom home builder in Bloomfield Hills MI or surrounding areas? If so, please call Mazza Building & Development Company at (248) 625-3305 today!

1. Where to Save Money and Where to Splurge

In home construction, some things can be changed, and some parts of home construction are permanent. For instance, if you decide that you don’t like carpet in the living room, wood floors can be installed later. However, intricate features like a fireplace or or a built-in storage unit should be considered before building. Bloomfield Hills home owners shouldn’t skimp on structural components or doors and windows — for the safety and security of your home, you’ll want to purchase the best you can afford in these areas.

2. Avoid Unnecessary Changes

Take care of the glamour later. Things like stainless steel appliances and hot tubs shouldn’t be traded for quality construction. Your builder will be knowledgeable about home plans and how to make custom houses, and they can make suggestions about what to put in your dream home. Of course, it is also good to be aware of how your custom home design fits in with your budget.

3. Building Materials

Buy low-maintenance building materials — vinyl siding and metal roofing, for example. Even if they are somewhat more expensive at installation, they will pay for themselves in the long run as you won’t have to repair, replace, or repaint.

4. The Style of the Home

The cost of building a custom home in Bloomfield Hills MI will vary depending on what kind of design you come up with. The more expensive things you add, the more the house will be. However, there are some basic materials that all houses use that can be included to make up a rough estimate. Brick or stone siding will cost more than the vinyl siding on a cookie-cutter house. Things like architectural details, and high ceilings can make a room feel larger, and are worth the extra dough for many homeowners.

5. The Added Extras

Do I really want walnut cabinetry and a built-in entertainment center? The answer might be yes. For a family that spends a lot of time watching television, a built-in entertainment center might be well worth the cost. (It beats tripping over stray wires.) Feel free to ask your builder to look over the plan before making any final decisions.


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Trends in Custom Homes

Green Building Concern for the environment is growing among U.S. households—and so are energy costs. Because of this, many custom builders are embracing green building techniques. Features like solar panels, water-saving appliances, insulation to improve heating efficiency and the use of renewable or recycled building materials are all popular techniques to improve a home’s efficiency. Custom builders allow buyers to include a wide range of green products and give them the opportunity to weigh each cost and benefit to create a home that is stylish, comfortable, but also eco-friendly.
To find out more about green building you can visit NAHB’s Green Building & Energy Efficiency page.

New Amenities Specialized amenities really set custom homes apart. Today home owners like to see features that will improve their lifestyle through health, entertainment or comfort. Yoga studios, resistance pools and fitness rooms can be added to encourage healthy living; game rooms, theaters and even a bowling alley can be added for fun; and for comfort, breezy, screened-in porches or warm hearths can make your home feel cozy and welcoming.

Custom amenities are also taking a turn to the world of tech. In world where there’s an app for everything, buyers are beginning to expect a custom home to do more and be “smart.” Nowadays you can control many features in your home using a phone, controlling energy usage, security systems, lighting and even the music playing in each room.

The Atkinson Residence in Berlin, Md. won a silver award in the 2012 Best in American Living Awards for its use of layered balconies and porches that make the most of the home’s spectacular view of the water. This nook is an example of the unique architectural details often included in custom homes.

Multigenerational Living Whether it’s aging parents moving in with their adult children or young adults living back with Mom and Dad, multigenerational households have specific needs when it comes to a home.
Custom builders are seeing an increasing need to tailor homes to this lifestyle. According to a 2011 study by the Pew Research Center, 39% of adults ages 18 to 34 have had to move in with their parents in recent years. In the same year, the U.S. Census reported that 4.3 out of 76 million households were made up of at least three generations.
Multigenerational families often build homes that include the traditional “mother-in-law suite” or even feature a locked-off living space within the home. These apartment-style spaces can have their own kitchenette, full bathroom and living areas to provide a sense of privacy and independence.

Universal Design As the country grows older and many baby boomers look to retirement, Universal Design (UD) features are an ever-growing priority for many custom buyers and builders. UD is used to ensure that features like wider doors, lower countertops and fewer stairs are used to create a home that everyone can enjoy comfortably. An accessible home allows owners to age in place, prolonging their ability to stay in the house independently and can also increase value by opening the market to any future buyer, despite age, stature or ability.

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