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Are you ready to own a new home but haven’t been able to find one that’s your style or right for your family? Why not consider a custom home? Using a custom home builder has numerous advantages you may not have considered compared to buying a pre-existing home.

Advantages of building a custom home:

  • When building a custom home you have complete control over each aspect of your home.
  • Ultimately, you decide every product and feature in the house; therefore, you set the budget and work within it or choose to extend it.
  • As a custom home owner, you live in a one-of-a-kind home and can appreciate each of the design choices you made during the building process.
  • The functionality and craftsmanship of your home and its details is to your standards.

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The Most Important Questions to Ask Before Buying a Custom Home

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What is the most important question a buyer should ask themselves before they buy a custom home?  For those first-time home buyers, it can be nerve-wracking to make an investment on a custom home. Questions swirl through your mind, but how do you know that you’re asking the right questions? Where to begin?

While there are many criteria to consider when building a custom home, one should also be thinking about the kind of questions to ask. Asking the right questions will put a buyer on the right path to their dream home. Here are some common questions that buyers ask, and how they can be improved.

A Good Question: How Much Will it Cost?

Yes, it is important to stay within budget. However, a buyer should keep in mind that just because a home is less expensive, that does not mean it is a better value. Buying a home requires attention to detail, you don’t want your cabinets falling down twenty years from now.

A Better Question: Am I Getting Best Quality Home I Can Get For my Budget?

When choosing options for a custom home, a buyers should think about the quality of the finishes, such as cabinetry, trim work, and paint. Instead of asking “how much?” ask “will it last?”


A Good Question:  Where to Build?

A lot of buyers get bogged down with questions like “do I want the corner lot?” or “how big will my yard be?” While these questions are important, it is still a good idea to think about how far away your potential home will be from your work.

A Better Question: What Community Do I Want to Join?

When a buyer chooses a lot to build on, they are not just choosing a yard, they are choosing a neighborhood. One of the first steps for a buyer in the process of building a new custom home is choosing the community in which they want to live. There are numerous communities worthy of consideration in the local area, each offering its own distinctive feel and flavor.


A Good Question: Am I Choosing the Right Builder?

Probably one of the most important questions a home owner will ask themselves is whether or not they are choosing the right builder for their home. There are some simple things a consumer can do to make sure their getting the most bang for their buck. Making a list of possible builders can help narrow down the options, but there is still a better way to make sure you’re finding the right builder.

A Better Question: Does My Builder Have a Good Reputation?

Rather than asking “am I choosing the right builder?”, knowing your builder’s reputation is beneficial because it allows buyers to know that they are getting a quality home. Here are some ways you can check your builder’s reputation:

  • Check out previous homes that they’ve built. Ask builders on your list for the addresses of their recently built homes and subdivisions. Builders may even be able to provide names of some home owners who would be willing to talk with you.
  • Talk it out.Talk to several owners, and try to get a random sample of opinions. The more people you talk with, the more accurate an impression of a builder you are likely to get. At the very least, drive by and see if the homes are visually appealing. Questions you should ask include: Are you happy with your home? Did the builder do what was promised in a timely manner? Did the builder listen to your requests?
  • Check online reviews. Reviews are powerful and are noted to have a strong influence on buyers decisions. Keep an eye out for positive comments that refer to the reliability, communication, and long-term satisfaction that past clients experienced.


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Are  you interested in building a custom home in Oakland Twp MI or surrounding areas? If so, call the top rated Oakland Twp MI custom home builders at Mazza Building & Development Company at (248) 625-3305 for more information today!

When building a semi custom home, the builder usually presents you with several house styles and floor plans to choose from. In addition, you are usually allowed to select flooring, cabinets, appliances, lighting fixtures, and lighting locations. Frequently the flexibility is offered via “budget allowances”.

For example a builder may offer you a $2000 kitchen appliance allowance where you choose what kitchen appliances you want installed in the home. If you decide to purchase appliances in excess of the allowance then you pay the additional costs out of your pocket.

In addition, when building a semi custom home, rather than building a custom home, you will frequently have the opportunity to select various building options such as attached garages, family rooms, and even deck sizes.

If you are ready to build your custom home in Oakland Twp MI, call the custom home builders you can trust at Mazza Building & Development Company at (248) 625-3305 for more information.

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custom home builder oakland twp miIf you are looking for a custom home builder in Oakland Twp MI and surrounding areas, please call the Oakland Twp custom home builder experts at Mazza Building and Development Company at (248) 625-3305 today!

What’s Hot in Oakland Twp MI Custom Home Building for 2014?

Pickled green cabinets define this Arts and Crafts style kitchen. The Colden from Brookfield Homes. Near Manassas, VA.

The rebounding new home market has fueled a change in attitudes about what we want from our homes when we build them from the ground up.

After enduring a real estate decline, as the market improves, we value our homes that much more. Most of us are thinking through the details of what we want in our homes with a greater sense of clarity about how we really live in our spaces. Our focus is much less on size and has instead turned toward making the most of every room.

The chef is on display. Kitchens are now designed for a crowd.
If all the hours you spend watching the Food Network have left you feeling like you’re a bourgeoning chef in need of a kitchen fit for one of television’s celebrated chefs, you’re not alone.

The more sumptuous the kitchen we see in that home magazine and the more educated we become about domestic skills – gourmet cooking being a favorite practice to take up – the more we desire the tools to support our developing abilities.

For kitchens, we want to go beyond the gas range and custom storage for all possible ingredients. Admit it. The serious home chef cooks, in part, to be seen cooking. So, a kitchen island with seating for one’s audience – whether the fans are family or guests – is a must. You’ll want top-notch lighting, too, to better see you and your edible creations.

Keep an eye out for trends from annual Idea Homes and Dream Homes from HGTV, Southern
The rise of the supremely outfitted home.

In 2014, we predict a distinct rise in supremely outfitted homes. Anne Robert, a London-based style maven at, calls this the “uber trend”.

“A home’s value will be measured on its ability to be as good, if not better, than relevant spaces out in the market,” says Roberts. “Ideally, you want a kitchen good enough for a chef; a gym equipped like your local gym; a bathroom that echoes a spa. You want your home office to be as well connected as you are at work.”

It’s all happening in the home gym.
Take the gym: innovations in home gyms have exploded in the past few years, with svelte new fitness equipment from manufacturers like TechnoGym leading the way.

For those of us who prefer to sweat and strain in private, a home gym is a must. No longer is this reserved for professional athletes and trainers. The well-equipped home gym is within reach for those of us who have a room to dedicate (or even part of a room, thanks to the latest modular fitness equipment).

We no longer have to worry about how our gym equipment will look sharing space in a home office, because sophisticated fitness machines designed specifically for home use are so beautiful that they outshine their commercial counterparts.

The TechnoGym Kinesis Personal Vision is a perfect example of gorgeous modern technology; when not in use, it folds up to disguise itself as a full-length mirror.

Time for a shower? Take it outdoors. In 2014, when you’re done working out, you may clean up indoors in a master bath that features a curbless and stall-less shower, a modern luxury like one you’d find in a European boutique hotel.

Or, if you really want to get out ahead of the trend, you’ll relax in an outdoor spa, like the Sundance Spas Select Series – an eco-friendly line that operates efficiently without forgoing the comfort-inducing features that the company’s hot tubs are known for.

Privacy is key for outdoor spas. Landscape designers have met this need by incorporating hedges, potted plants, seating and foot-friendly surfaces to walk on known as hardscape. None of this is an afterthought; landscapers are fashioning deliberate outdoor rooms that cater to the needs of home spa enthusiasts. Which leads us to…the outdoor shower.

The growing popularity of outdoor bathing is due to adaptations in product and landscape designs that establish privacy. “Our parents and grandparents didn’t think we’d ever see three bathrooms in a single family home,” says Robert. “But that’s expected now, and soon, outdoor bathrooms will be expected, too.”

Robert should know. She’s a regular at design-oriented trade shows that set trends for the international market, as well as for the U.S., so she is uniquely positioned to spot trends in home design as they’re on the ascent. What else does she see happening in our homes next year? Pick up your (smart) phone to find out.

Have your iPhone call my outdoor fireplace.
Now more than ever, gardens are outdoor living spaces. The trend for outdoor space to meet and merge with indoor space is here to stay.

If the intersection of indoors and outdoors is where the action is, it becomes clear that you do need an outdoor fireplace that you can control from your iPhone.

Not techie enough for you? Vondom’s Faz outdoor lounger, coming to market in 2013, features a moveable sun shade and built-in iPod-compatible audio system.

While you’re at it, have your smart phone call my house, too. The infusion of technology we’re seeing outdoors also applies to the whole house.

Now, due to major advancements in home automation technology, you can control your home by voice from anywhere. Just ask Siri, Apple’s automated assistant. She’ll explain the matter for you. Android phones and tablets like the iPad round out the tool kit we can increasingly use to call and control our homes from afar.
We’re lucky. Home automation’s early adopters ferreted out the kinks, and new systems coming to market in 2013 are so easy to use, everyone will want one.

Wondering if you set your alarm when you left home today? Call your security system and tell it to activate. With systems like HAL (Home Automated Living), which works through your PC, you can also enjoy having your emails read aloud and the stock market checked for you.

In 2014, systems like these will become more fluid, allowing for an easy transition that’s inviting to those of us who weren’t early adopters in home automation. The ability of such systems to accurately monitor home energy usage will allow you to focus your conservation efforts based on real data.

Name that tune. And it’s not just your home’s lighting, cooling and security systems you can call and connect with. What’s that song you wanted to hear? Say it out loud, and your digital music center responds on command.
Want to hear Springsteen in the living room while your teenage daughter blasts Taylor Swift in her bedroom? Not a problem – the automated system can handle it. Want to cue up a video in your home’s movie database? Call home. Get the picture?

As you can see, it all starts with a phone call. In our article on home automation (see related articles, below) a top home automation expert notes wryly that we’re all walking around with a $600 remote control in our pocket all day long. It’s called a smart phone. Look for it to be used often and in increasingly novel ways in 2013.

Green is mainstream.

Notice that we’re not calling out eco-friendly building and living as a separate trend?

That’s because green is now a given. Oakland Twp MI Custom Home Builders and homeowners alike have seen the benefits of an environmentally-conscious approach to development and lifestyle, so those improvements can be found as part and parcel to the trends noted in our coverage. source:

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