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The Importance of Going Green

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custom home builder bloomfield hills miWe hear it all the time: going green, being eco-friendly, and doing our part to save the environment, but how does being eco-friendly relate to home building? You don’t have to build a house with a bamboo roof to “go green.” There are plenty of ways to go green when building a home, and here are some ways to cut costs, and our part in saving the environment.

Why Build an Eco-Friendly Home?

Green buildings use less energy, water, create less waste, and are generally healthier than standard buildings. Environmentally friendly building designs often reflect the surrounding environment and natural resources, and utilize renewable building materials. Contractors of green buildings incorporate techniques that use resources more efficiently during the entire building cycle—construction, renovation, operation, and maintenance —than builders of conventional structures. In short, green buildings minimize human impact on the environment, while also slashing energy costs for homeowners. Green homes generally:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Cut down on energy consumption

Sustainable homes start with excellent green design and green architecture. Careful site selection is important to minimize environmental damage. For example, placing a structure in an area that allows it to take advantage of cool breezes and sunlight can reduce energy use and expenses. A good home developer will be able to help point you pick a site and discuss the advantages of an eco-friendly home.

How to Build an Environmentally Friendly Home

For those home buyers that want an eco-friendly home in If you are thinking about building a custom home, call (248) 625-3305!, Michigan, Mazza Building and Development can help. Usually, the cost of constructing green buildings is 15-20% more than that of regular structures, but they help save nearly 30% more energy and can save you up to 50% in water consumption annually. Good developers will be aware of ways to help reduce costs. For instance, wet areas in the house, such as kitchen and bathroom, should be close to each other to reduce plumbing and consumption of hot water. Diminishing the cost of your West Bloomfield home while also cutting energy costs is a top priority for us. source:,

If you are thinking about building a custom home in West Bloomfield, MI, call (248) 625-3305!


Custom Home Builder West Bloomfield MI

custom home builder west bloomfield miMazza Building & Development Company provides top rated custom home building in West Bloomfield, MI and surrounding areas. Call the custom home builders you can trust at (248) 625-3305.

Selecting a new home is a big decision—and it can be difficult to find the home of your dreams with a production builder because all they offer are their set, standard layouts.

What Are the Benefits of Building a Custom Home?

There are many benefits of building a custom home, including:

  • Customization – of course, one of the main benefits of custom homes is the level of customization allowed to you. You can do more than just choose cabinets and flooring—with a custom home builder, you can start with one of our artfully crafted floorplans and alter it to your liking or you can start from the ground up.
  • Quality – when you build a custom home, you know that each and every detail is considered and the best option is always selected. Your home will be full of quality craftsmanship, materials, and designs—and you’ll have a home you can love and enjoy for many years to come.
  • Style – custom homes have distinct and beautiful styles—and the greatest part is, it can be uniquely yours. There are no limitations on what your home can look like.

Design Your Custom Home Today

The benefits of building a custom home are going to be different for each and every person because for some, there’s nothing more important than a theater room that is perfectly designed for sound amplification, and for others, they need to have a spa getaway in their master bathroom. source:

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Designing a New Home, Designing a New Kitchen

Mazza Building & Development Company has experience in building custom homes in West Bloomfield, Michigan and surrounding areas. If you are thinking about building a custom home, call (248) 625-3305!

custom home builder west bloomfield michiganCouples pay a lot of attention to the kitchen when they build a new home, and they do this for a good reason. Designing a functional kitchen involves a number of key decisions that affect day-to-day activities. The kitchen is a the hub for families, where kids do homework and entertaining takes place. The modern kitchen has to play a number of roles, balancing functionality within the design. The bottom line? Kitchens are important. To connect the practicality that your kitchen needs with the style it must have, keep these factors in mind:

1. Smaller Spaces

Smart compact layouts are replacing copious square footage. Kitchens continue to be the heart of the home, and homeowners want open areas with strong ties to adjoining rooms.  But with smaller square footage, it can be challenging to create a spacious kitchen. Most kitchens fall under a few common layouts. There’s the L-shape kitchen, with one long and one short row of counters; the U-shape kitchen, which runs in the shape of a “u”; and a G-shape kitchen, which is a U- or L-shaped kitchen with an opening for a breakfast nook or family room; and the galley kitchen, which is basically two rows of counters with an aisle running through it. In many of these kitchens, depending on the square footage, homeowners can opt to include an island. To get the most kitchen space, home buyers should think about which layout they want, and how to add kitchen amenities like cabinets, counters etc.

2. Quality of Building Material

Since the kitchen is an important room, it is vital to choose the best materials for a kitchen. When selecting kitchen cabinets, look for quality.  This is not the place to be overly consumed with trying to save money.  Well-made cabinets will provide lasting pleasure and functionality for decades.  Drawers (as opposed to cabinets with doors) are more useful and efficient even compared to cabinets with pullout drawers.  In addition, choose hard surface, durable, and high quality counter tops.  There are a variety of colors and selections available.  Granite is an ideal counter surface for the most important room in the house.

3. Layout

The ideal kitchen—and the plan most kitchens follow—is the triangle path cooks make between the fridge, stove and sink when prepping meals. Professional kitchen designers and builders follow this rule of thumb: There should be less than 23 feet running from the oven, sink and fridge, with counters next to each component.

With expert guidance from the professionals at Mazza Building & Development, you can design a fabulous kitchen. We’ve been helping homeowners in and around West Bloomfield Michigan with quality custom-built homes, and we can walk you through the process of building a custom home, from selecting a home plan to choosing light fixtures for your kitchen.


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How to Avoid Surprise Costs When Building a Custom Home

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custom home west bloomfield miOne of the biggest things home buyers worry about is the cost of their new home. After purchasing the land, paying an architect and buying a building permit, the last thing a buyer wants to do is shell out more cash for unseen expenses.  However, seemingly small changes such as buying better building materials can quickly raise the price of building a custom home.  If this is your first time building a custom home and you want avoid unexpected surprises, here are some tips that can help you through the process of building a custom home.

Ask your builder for help

Coordinate the ordering, approval and installation of all building products for the home with your builder. Learn about the previous building projects the home designer has completed. If the homes are similar to your design, the builder should be able to predict any possible setbacks by studying the floor plan.

Discuss all finishing accents and building materials prior to construction

Details such as cabinetry hardware, flooring, and roof tiles, should all be agreed upon prior to beginning the construction. There may be some fluctuation in prices that can’t be avoided due to material availability, but a homebuilder with strong vendor relationships will be able to reach out to his contacts and gather that information, diminishing the possibility of an unexpected rise in cost.

Know what to expect

The best way to avoid unexpected costs is to know which ones to expect. As much as you would like to stick to the estimate, changes are bound to happen. Thus it is a good idea to set aside a slush fund to give you the flexibility to add those special touches that you may not have imagined at the beginning of your project. Communicate with your homebuilder frequently and keep track of any additional expenses.



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Luxury Custom Home Design Basics

Sifting through the latest luxury custom home floor plan trends can be a little overwhelming. There are so many options, and so many new home floor plan trends from which to select. But are all the luxury custom home design ideas being considered compatible with you and your life? Do they suit your purposes; are they practical for your needs?

When deciding on kitchen design, for instance, ask yourself questions like, What will the main purpose of the kitchen be; meal preparation, dining, family gathering, entertaining, work (bill paying, correspondence, homework, computer use, hobbies)?

Stay focused on those new home floor plan trends and custom home design tips and ideas that best suit you, your lifestyle, and your needs. Resist the temptation to snatch up custom home design tips just because they are innovative or represent the latest building trends. Before adding items to your custom home design tips and ideas list, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will I be spending a lot of time inside the house?
  • Will I be spending a lot of time outside in the yard?
  • Will I be raising a family in this house?
  • Will I be entertaining frequently in this house?
  • Will I be working out of the home at some point?
  • Will this be a life-time unique custom home? Note: a life-time home should be designed to easily adapt to the homeowner’s future needs. (I.e. as the homeowner ages and/or experiences physical limitations.)

Think beyond the present; consider how you will be using the home down the road. A lot will depend on where you are in life, and what your future brings. Designer home builders tip: it is prudent to include an extra room in your luxury custom home plans. This allows room for future growth, even if you don’t see a present need for additional space. The latest building trends include basements and lofts, which can be finished off at a later time. Providing space for a recreational room, home office, play room for children, or workout studio. Other new home floor trends include an extra bedroom that can later be transformed into a library, relaxing spa, hobby room, or home theater.

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