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The Benefits of Hiring Custom Home Builders for Your New Custom Home in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan:

1. Some families feel satisfied with buying an existing home and know they can undergo future renovations to make some minor changes to the house. However, some families prefer to build their own house from the ground up. These families turn to custom home builders to get a truly unique house. Building a custom home offers you many benefits that an existing home cannot. With a custom home, you will have the freedom to create a special living space for you and your family.

2. The Right Size for Your Family.    A custom home offers you the opportunity to select a house that truly fits your family and your tastes. If you have children, you can easily choose to create a house with a separate bedroom and bathroom for each child. You can also choose a particular layout that best suits your family. If you want to have all of your children live in the basement, your home builder can make that happen.If you have an elderly parent living with you, you can opt for a mother-in-law apartment built directly nextto the house.

3. Choose Your Materials.   If youre involved in building your own home,you can ask your custom home builder to use certain materials. Today, many new homeowners choose to keep costs down in their pocketbook and help the environment by using eco-friendly materials. Your builder can also utilize solar panelsto make your home more energy-efficient. Solar panels and other modifications can help you save money on energy costs later.

4. Special Features.   If you have particular requirements for yourhouse, a custom home builder can help. For example, if you work from home, you probably need a private home office away from the noise ofthe other rooms. You can include this special space in your home plans. Its easier to build these custom spaces directly into a new home instead of renovating an existing home to fit your needs.

5. Many people with custom homes include other interesting and unique features in their homes, including huge decks, home theaters with expansive seating, and even a basement basketball court. Your imagination is the only limit to the rooms you can include in your custom home.

6. The Small Details.   Many homeowners who purchase existing homes find small faults with their new home. They may hate the sink fixtures, ceiling color or anynumber of other small things. If you choose to buya custom home, you will be happy with your colorand fixture choices from the beginning. As the homeowner of a custom home, its up to you to choose the flooring, tiles, kitchen cabinets and more.

7. Personal Satisfaction.   When the construction team finishes your brandnew custom home, you will know your home reflects your personal choices and tastes. Choosing to go down the path to a custom home is fraught with difficult decisions and stress, but your satisfaction will make it worth the trouble. Yourcustom home will reflect exactly what you and your family want in a house.

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Custom Home Builder Bloomfield Hills MI

custom homes bloomfield hillsIf you are ready to build your custom dream home in Bloomfield Hills, MI or surrounding areas, call the top rated Bloomfield Hills, MI custom home builders at Mazza Building & Development Company at (248) 652-3305 today!

Top Ten Reasons to Build a New Home

It’s NEW!

No one else has ever lived in it before, so everything is clean and brand new. Be the first to soak in your luxurious tub or cook in your new stainless steel oven. No need to worry about expensive repairs or replacements of out-of-date, damaged or worn materials.

Contemporary Floor Plans

Designs evolve. Old, obsolete homes may not address the way people live today. New homes have floor plans designed to facilitate interaction with family and friends. Take advantage of state-of-the-art kitchens, bathrooms with double vanities, ample storage space, and large family rooms open to the kitchen, features which often are lacking in used housing.

Customize Your Home

Build your home to order. You help design your own living environment, just the way you want it. Personalize your home by selecting your own colors, finishes, cabinetry, flooring and features

Quality Built By Someone You Can Trust

You can check out a builder’s reputation before choosing to work with him/her. Develop a personal relationship with the professional responsible for building your home. Become part of the team that will create your future residence.

Safer And Healthier

Wiring systems are up-to-date. Hazardous materials, such as asbestos, formaldehyde and lead, have been eliminated from new home building products. New homes must conform with the newest and safest building codes and regulations.

Energy Efficient & Technologically Current

Energy efficient windows. Better insulation technologies. Better control of air infiltration, resulting in healthier indoor air quality. Modern heating & cooling system. Latest appliances and features. Take full advantage of the latest communication, security, home office and entertainment technologies. New homes accommodate electrical needs that didn’t exist just a few, short years ago.

Less Expensive To Maintain

Home comes with warranties you don’t receive when buying a used home, including direct manufacturers’ warranties on new appliances, products and systems. No old parts or appliances to fix. Monthly operating costs are less due to improved technologies. This can mean big savings on utility bills. New building products are more durable and require less maintenance. Frequently, the money saved on a used home is quickly offset by lower maintenance and efficiency costs.

Neighborhood Bonds

Make friends quickly. Everyone in your new neighborhood just moved in, so it’s easy to establish new and lasting friendships.


Pride in the ownership of your new home, one you helped design and which expresses your lifestyle and taste.

Financial Advantages

Build home equity. Roll the cost of upgrades into your mortgage and pay over time. When renovating a used home, you need to pay cash, or take out a home improvement loan at a higher interest rate. Newer homes usually have a higher resale value.

Mazza Building & Development Company prides itself in being the top rated Custom Home Builder in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Call the custom home builders you can trust at (248) 652-3305 for more information.

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Building on a Budget

bloomfield hills mi custom home builderMazza Building & Development Company has experience in building custom homes in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and surrounding areas. If you are thinking about building a custom home, call (248) 625-3305!

When building a custom home, the first question on every home buyer’s mind is “what will it cost?” However, the bottom line is that how much your home costs will be greatly influenced by what exactly you want in your home, how you want your home to look and the types of finishes that you want to have. So where should you spend your money when building a custom home?

The Kitchen:

While a  significant chunk of money goes into the kitchen, it is worth paying extra for amenities. When it comes to certain interior features, many buyers are willing to spend thousands of dollars above the price of the home to have them included. According to a USA today survey done in 2013, 55% of those who bought a home without a granite counter top said they would pay extra for it. Moreover, 69% of survey participants said they would spend more on a new home if it had new kitchen appliances. According to the results of the survey, it is worth it in the long run to spend a little extra for kitchen amenities.

However, for those on a tight budget, it might not be possible to install granite counters. For those that are short on money, it can be a good idea to cut costs on the finishes or trim in the home. Fixtures like faucets can always be replaced later and this can be an area to cut costs when building. When working a budget, it might be necessary to give up some of your wants to fulfill your needs.

The Family Room:

Oversize, don’t undersize, your family room.  Families tend to gather and spend time in the family room.  If you were to oversize any room, make this room a little larger than you think you need. For those that can’t afford a spacious family room, adding lighting to a family room can make it look larger. Here, it might be a good idea to skip buying hardwood floors and add a little extra square footage in the home.

The Master Bath:

This room is the owner’s retreat, a place to relax and unwind.  Upgrading your master bath’s size and finishes will be an important feature and provide a good investment return. For those on a tight budget, bigger bathroom tiles might be an easy way to add some wiggle room into the budget. Larger tiles create a luxury look with less maintenance.

Room Size:

Make sure your rooms are large enough to meet your needs.  It’s very expensive to come back later and add twelve or eighteen inches to a room because you’ve just realized it’s to small.  If you’re on a limited budget, it’s better to hold of on some of the finishes than cut down the size of your rooms. Finishes can be added later, and the cost may only be slightly higher than if you installed them during the initial construction process.

Design Service:

Working with a builder is an essential part of building a custom home. What you will pay the builder to build your house will be agreed upon between you and the builder and be something that you are both comfortable with and believe is fair. When hiring a builder, you should know exactly what the builder is earning and what is being done to earn that money. With Mazza Building & Development, not only will you enjoy an unique home, but you’ll save time and money .



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The Importance of Going Green

Mazza Building & Development Company has experience in building custom homes in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and surrounding areas. If you are thinking about building a custom home, call (248) 625-3305!

custom home builder bloomfield hills miWe hear it all the time: going green,being eco-friendly, and doing our part to save the environment, but how does being eco-friendly relate to home building? You don’t have to build a house with a bamboo roof to “go green.” There are plenty of ways to go green when building a home, and here are some ways to cut costs, and our part in saving the environment.

Why Build an Eco-Friendly Home?

Green buildings use less energy, water, create less waste, and are generally healthier than standard buildings. Environmentally friendly building designs often reflect the surrounding environment and natural resources, and utilize renewable building materials. Contractors of green buildings incorporate techniques that use resources more efficiently during the entire building cycle—construction, renovation, operation, and maintenance —than builders of conventional structures. In short, green buildings minimize human impact on the environment, while also slashing energy costs for homeowners. Green homes generally:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Cut down on energy consumption

Sustainable homes start with excellent green design and green architecture. Careful site selection is important to minimize environmental damage. For example, placing a structure in an area that allows it to take advantage of cool breezes and sunlight can reduce energy use and expenses. A good home developer will be able to help point you pick a site and discuss the advantages of an eco-friendly home.

How to Build an Environmentally Friendly Home

For those home buyers that want an eco-friendly home in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Mazza Building and Development can help. Usually, the cost of constructing green buildings is 15-20% more than that of regular structures, but they help save nearly 30% more energy and can save you up to 50% in water consumption annually. Good developers will be aware of ways to help reduce costs. For instance, wet areas in the house, such as kitchen and bathroom, should be close to each other to reduce plumbing and consumption of hot water. Diminishing the cost of your Bloomfield Hills home while also cutting energy costs is a top priority for us. If you are thinking about building a custom home, call (248) 625-3305!



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5 Home Maintenance Tips for Fall

custom home builder bloomfield hills michiganMazza Building & Development Company specializes in building custom homes in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and surrounding areas. If you would like to have the custom home of your dreams, call (248) 625-3305.

The summer season is winding down, so it’s the perfect time to prepare for winter months in Bloomfield Hills. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of tips for homeowners to make sure your home is ready for Michigan weather.

  1. Check your faucets in and outside of the home for leaks and repair them. Waiting until the temperature drops could be more costly if a pipe breaks.
  2. Complicated tasks like interior painting, cleaning or replacing carpeting should be done in the warmer months. It is better to get bigger jobs out of the way before winter.
  3. Schedule a heating system check-up from a professional. Remember to change your filters every month, and clean your heating ducts and vents. Don’t for get to ask the home professional to check check for possible carbon monoxide leaks.
  4. Prevent drafts in your custom home! Replace window seals and door weather stripping if needed to prevent heat from escaping in the winter.
  5. Inspect your roof and clean out the gutters. Being proactive will help find any leaks in the roof and prevent damage from clogged gutters.


If you reside in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and are looking for a custom home, Mazza Building & Development Company can turn your vision into a reality. Please call (248) 625-3305 for more information today!