4 Advantages of a Custom Built Home Vs. Choosing an Existing One

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4 Advantages of a Custom Built Home Vs. Buying an Existing One

For most in this situation, the decision about finding and purchasing a home “that has everything” or building a custom home to your specifications is something you are trying to evaluate. With that in mind, here are 4 important custom built home benefits to consider.


If you are going to go the route of building your dream home, one of the most important considerations you make will be finding a custom home builder you feel comfortable with design and construct your new home. Interview and research your custom home builder choices to make sure they have a solid process to follow–including choosing the lot, loan information, what to expect during each phase, and so on.


One of the most significant benefits of building a custom home is the choices that you get to make. You and the design team can pick everything from the lot to build on to the appliances, cabinetry, trim and colors. No making do with something “close” to what you have in mind. You can select everything you want (within budget of course). This also means you can make choices that make the most of your budget.


When you build a custom home, you and the design team create a home that is a direct reflection of you and your personality. This includes utilizing pieces and design matching family, personal experience and travels to tell your story and make your home visually interesting. Simply put, a custom built home is designed specifically to reflect your personality.


Purchasing a pre-existing home often means accepting unusable space that doesn’t fit with your vision, or that you don’t understand what the original intent was for the space. With a custom home, the design can accommodate your desires, often times actually creating space. A custom home builder will help you make your space as functional as possible while realizing your vision for your dream home. 

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