5 Great Reasons to Build a Custom Home

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When we consider of buying a home, the main reason we acquire an existing home is for financial reasons. There are numerous advantages to buying an existing property, and these advantages differ from person to person. Building a new home on your own land is becoming increasingly popular. There are numerous advantages to having a new home built to your exact specifications.

Energy efficiency:

New technology for energy efficiency can be implemented in custom constructed homes. As we noted in our last post, better windows, better insulation options, passive solar, and other factors all contribute to the long-term benefits of having a custom constructed home. Most custom made homes are energy efficient, but you can go even farther by including energy-saving technologies like solar panels into your new house building.

Custom Appliances:

Having the ability to customize the appliances and features in your home can help you save money in the long term. Building a new custom home gives you the opportunity to select appliances and customize them to meet your family’s needs. When you consider that walls, wiring, drains, and pipes may need to be changed to accommodate your updated and energy efficient equipment, purchasing an old home may cost you more money.


Your bespoke home can be built to your specifications to maximize the amount of privacy you require. Your custom home builder and architect can assist you in determining which orientation is best for obtaining the results you need while maintaining the privacy you require. They can also assist you in devising innovative ways to optimize natural light and views while keeping a private home layout. Buying an old home may not provide you with the seclusion you anticipate.

Saving money:

Because an existing home is normally several years old, it may cost you more money in the long run if you frequently need to repair, update, or replace various objects and portions of your home. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) announced in September 2014 that the typical price of a new home was $259,000, while the median price of an existing home was $210,300, according to New Home Source. The key to comparing new versus older house costs, according to Ed Hudson, director of Marketing Research for the Home Innovation Research Labs, a subsidiary of NAHB, is to make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. “It’s fine to compare median costs, but are the houses the same size?” Do they share the same characteristics? Newer homes are usually larger and have more modern features.”

Sentimental Value:

A key advantage of new custom house construction is the option to build your dream home from the ground up. Everything from the wiring to the materials used in the home’s construction has been included for a reason: the emotional worth of owning a custom-built home is unrivaled. Investing in the property for your custom house to match your family, your wants, and your lifestyle are all excellent reasons to do so.

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10 Real-World Reasons to Build a Custom Home

Franklin Tennessee Custom Home Builders – Mazza Building & Development Company

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Franklin Tennessee Custom Home Builders


Future-proofing can mean a lot of things, but we’re specifically talking about family-planning here. One of the most common reasons people need to uproot, sell their home, and buy a new one is to accommodate their growing family.

A custom home affords you the opportunity to design a living space that fits your needs today, while also taking into account whatever surprises your future might hold.


Purchasing an existing home works for some, but retrofitting older homes with modern, updated energy efficient fixtures can get pricey, fast.

Granted, a new home buyer should always expect energy efficient fixtures in their new home, but with a custom build, there’s an even greater opportunity to dial in energy efficiency and substantially lower your monthly energy bills.


Most younger families expect open, amply lit flex spaces that naturally bridge the gap between cooking, dining, and relaxation. A custom home’s layout gives you the opportunity to create a more inclusive family environment, while still maintaining privacy where it matters.


What’s life without friends?

The ability to comfortably entertain your guests can have a huge impact on a homeowners’ quality of life, and building a custom home is the perfect opportunity to play up your hosting strengths. Build a custom patio that accentuates a barbeque pit, or an in-ground pool. Turn a standard living room into a great room or build a kitchen large enough to comfortably cook for the entire extended family.


Think about every place you’ve lived.

When did you ever have a say in the details of your home? The chance to hand-select the doorknobs, light fixtures or kitchen appliances? Custom homes are a true expression of the owners. It’s your chance to create a cohesive living experience that’s all you, through and through.


Along with open floor plans, integrated home technology is one of the fastest changing aspects of designing a modern home. Out of the gate, multi-room audio systems, smart appliances, and home automation are all on the table if you’re building a custom home.


Before you’re ever thinking about great room designs or roofing materials, you have the opportunity to choose where you want to build — and there’s a lot of power in that.

If you’re planning a family, you have the ability to build your home in the right school districts, or close to family and friends.

Not only that, but by partnering with the right home builder, you can build directly into the natural terrain of your lot. Walkout basement, anyone?


Buying an existing home can feel like a gamble, specifically when it comes to unforeseen maintenance pitfalls that present themselves a few months or years after all the paperwork is signed and done.

And while this goes without saying, it bears repeating: everything in a custom home is new. That means a lot of building materials, appliances, and home furnishings come with direct from manufacturer warranties. So not only do you not have to worry about regular maintenance, but if something breaks, you’ll likely be able to simply replace it at little to no cost.


Custom home building is all about choices, and that goes for who you decide to work with, too.

When you entrust your future into the hands of a homebuilder, you have an opportunity to choose the best. A company that will only work with the best materials and craftsmen means you’re more likely to end up with a home that exceeds your standards and holds its value for years to come, in case you need to sell down the road.


There’s something intangible about owning a truly custom home. It’s a work of art, craftsmanship, and a testament to your style and priorities.

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