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Select Customized Housing Style

There may be a wealth of home design tips and ideas to consider, but not all are compatible. So keep focused when making customized housing design choices. Opt for one style. For instance, typical mansion, contemporary, southwestern, urban chic, Tuscan villa, French revival, Hollywood vogue, sophisticated, globally exotic, tranquil retreat, or simply comfortable. When harvesting custom home design tips and ideas, keep to one selected style, whether for a single room, select areas of your luxury custom home, or for the entire customized housing design. While new home floor plan trends include mixed styles throughout the house, one design per area will make luxury custom home design more harmonious.

Energy Efficient Home Design Tips and Ideas

When contemplating Birmingham MI custom home design tips, be prudent. Invest in cost effective building solutions; energy efficient home design features like high-insulation products. Protective custom home construction shell materials, structural insulating panels, insulating concrete forms, and between wall foam insulation. Keeping heat and cold extremes outside, conditioned air inside; conserving energy and reducing utility bills. Homeowners who choose eco-friendly cost effective building solutions enjoy a better quality of life in their homes. With the peace of mind that environmentally responsible custom home development decisions were made. Ask energy efficient home design contractors and NAHB green building professionals for other cost effective building solutions and innovative custom home design tips. For an energy-saving eco custom home, and more resource conscious, and cost-efficient lifestyle.

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Custom Home Developer Birmingham MI – Mazza Building

custom home birmingham miMazza Building & Development Company offers top rated Custom Home Building services in Birmingham MI and surrounding areas. Hire the experts you can trust by calling (248) 625-3305 today!

The Benefits of Custom Home Building

You may be enchanted by the many “for sale” signs you see when driving around town. Surely this bodes well for your upcoming house-hunt, with so many options… you’re bound to find that perfect house, right?

Unfortunately, the quest for that perfect house may be more difficult than you think if you limit your search to just resale homes (or homes that have had previous owners). For every great feature of a resale, you’re likely to find two other features that you would have to “learn to live with.” The time and energy — not to mention the money — involved in making a resale home truly yours is more than most first-time buyers expect or plan for.

That’s where custom home construction comes in.

Custom home construction virtually guarantees that you get the house of your dreams without the added expense and time-consuming bother of renovating or retrofitting a preexisting structure. You’re involved from the ground up — literally — and able to add your input on features, amenities, materials, design… basically everything that goes into making a house a home. Building a custom home takes the guesswork out of what’s inside those four walls, and puts you in control.

You also have more location options when you decide to build a custom home. With resale homes, it can often be the case that a great home is in a not-so-great neighborhood, or a not-so-great home is in an otherwise great locale. But by building new homes, homeowners exponentially expand their geographical options — which often include idyllic suburban retreats, removed from the hustle and bustle of city living.

Custom home construction companies have the tools and industry knowledge to get the job done right, the way you want it. They also have the experience and customer savvy to suggest things you might never have considered or know about, such as insulation options, wiring, energy efficiency, and a host of other topics.

Thanks to advances in materials and techniques, building custom homes is easier today than it ever has been. Start talking to custom home construction companies about breaking ground on the home of your dreams — stop looking, and start building. source:

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custom home builder birmingham michiganAre you looking to build a custom home in Birmingham, Michigan and surrounding areas? If so, call the top rated Birmingham, Michigan custom home builder – Mazza Building & Development Company at (248) 625-3305 today!

How to Fulfill Your Fantasy With a Custom Home

If you dreamed as a child of someday owning a home with your own dance studio and ballet barre, or a personal game room with a Skee-Ball machine alongside an indoor putting green, then a custom home may be your best option to making that dream come true.

While buying a home fulfills a big part of the American Dream, building a home to your specifications elevates the experience. Before you begin to make decisions about your future home, you will need to spend significant time learning about the custom-home building process.

Organize Your Financing

Building a custom home in Birmingham, Michigan isn’t necessarily more expensive than buying a newly built or existing home since it’s possible to build a small custom home, but sourcing all materials on an individual basis rather than in bulk can raise the price above production homes. The important thing to understand is that your decisions about the land you buy, and the design and quality of construction you choose will impact the final price.

Financing a custom home requires a construction loan, something not all lenders offer. If you don’t already own land, you will have to finance the land purchase and then the construction. Often you will have two closings, each incurring settlement fees.

Since building a custom home is considered risky by lenders, you typically need excellent credit and a down payment of at least 20% to 25% to qualify for a construction loan. In addition, lenders typically require more cash reserves for borrowers who are building a custom home to ensure that they have funds in place for any glitches that extend the construction period.

Make sure you check into appropriate insurance, too, during the construction period.

Start With Land and a Plan

If you already own land, you should meet with potential builders and architects at the site so you can discuss potential issues and plans. If you don’t own land, some builders can help you find a site or they can direct you to a REALTOR® who can help. It’s essential that your home design and land plan match: You wouldn’t want to design a residence and then find that the site you’ve purchased can’t accommodate it.

Your builder should walk the property with you and determine how much preconstruction work is required, such as the placement of utilities, a septic system and a driveway.

Consider the Neighborhood

Most people who build a Birmingham, Michigan custom home believe they will never sell it, but eventually you may want to move to a different area or even build another custom home. It’s always wise to consider resale value when building a home. In particular, you want to match the price range and general size of your custom home to others in the neighborhood so that your house doesn’t stand out as oversized or overpriced.

Avoid Delays and Cost Overruns

Planning your home from the foundation to the roof and every single item in between can save you time and money when you are building a custom home. Your decisions about every detail in your home should be made before construction begins so you can reduce the possibility that materials won’t be available when needed, or that you will need to rip out things already built to accommodate a change order.

Good planning and hiring a good team can make the custom-home experience as easy as dreaming

If you would like further information about building a custom home in Birmingham, Michigan and nearby areas, call the experts at Mazza Building & Development Company (248) 625-3305 today!