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5 Incredible Reasons to Build a Custom Home Today

The difference between buying an existing home and building your own custom home can be vast. Here are five excellent reasons why you should build your own custom home and get exactly what you want out of your new residence.

You control what goes into your new home: When you build a custom home, you can control each aspect of the planning, design and construction process. Want to add energy-efficient features? Plan something unique with the layout? Use a particular kind of construction material? It’s your choice and your budget to do with what you will. Buying an existing home does not give you as much freedom to add or modify the space according to your wants and needs.

You can have a home unique to you: A custom-built home is unique to your personality, interests and needs. It will, by its nature, be the only home of its kind in your neighborhood. You’ll experience the pride of ownership that comes with living in such a personalized home.

You can accommodate special needs or interests: If you or someone in your family has mobility issues, safety concerns, or other special needs, you can make sure these needs are addressed by your custom-built home. If you have particular interest or hobby that requires a specialized space, a custom home can ensure these areas are built to your specifications.

You’ll need less maintenance and upkeep: A newly built home will need less maintenance, repair and upkeep in its early years, since the paint, flooring, HVAC system and other elements are completely new.

You’ll have better resale value: Your custom home will likely appeal to buyers because of its unique features. When and if you decide to sell, you can look for buyers whose interests are similar to yours.

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